About us

Let us introduce ourselves to you. I am about as Namibian as can be: a sixth generation Bassingthwaighte our family name has been interwoven with the history of this country since the arrival of Francis Bassingthwaighte – a young blacksmith from Norfolk, England – in 1844.

Margo is an import. Of sorts. Born in Zambia, she grew up in Zimbabwe and we met in South Africa in the early 70s. She succumbed and joined the “Bass dynasty” in Namibia where we farmed for the next 30 years.

In 2005 we moved to Swakopmund for the cool air and the supposedly quiet life of running a bed and breakfast. Yeah right. But we love it: Swakopmund is a delightful place to live, the guesthouse is a gentle antidote to the solitude of farming, and so many happy guests and friends make ours a rich and rewarding life.

Mouna has been with us since the beginning and she cares as much about Cornerstone as we do. She is very particular about maintaining her high standards and is always anxious when we tell her another TripAdvisor review has been posted. Mouna and her band of assistants are proud of our reputation as the one of the best guesthouses in Swakopmund.

Robyn and Romona manage the day-to-day running of the guesthouse and the three self-catering apartments. Margo keeps the garden looking like a desert oasis. And me? I’m in charge of breakfast so, as they say in Namibia, arrive hungry.